Blaze Roses + Chain Link Fences…What Is The Connection?

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(The following is in no way meant disrespectfully to chain link fence owners). 
I honestly do not know if others have noticed that chain link fence owners who desire a rose seem to gravitate towards the rose Climbing Blaze.  I thought long and hard before writing this post; if the post is just snarky then where is the point?  Further...I can't even say for sure that the rose in the photograph is actually the rose Climbing Blaze, but I'm on to something regardless. Continuing on...

Click for larger view.

I guess what strikes me about the photograph above is the possibility of considering who we are.  Why does one choose to place a chain link fence in the first place?  Most probably because a chain link fence offers a relatively inexpensive way to accomplish a purpose (keeping things in or out of a space).  The aesthetics of chain link fences probably do not appeal to many; their point is their function.  However, considering that in many cases there are comparably priced fencing alternatives that still accomplish their core mission, I might suggest that to plant a chain link fence is to show a lack of imagination.  And yet...roses are planted and beauty is sought.

One might surmise that different people planted the fence and the rose.  A husband and wife perhaps?  Two subsequent owners?  It doesn't matter to me, as the juxtaposition of function and art is there by any means.

Anyone who has read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, with its themes of the need for tenacity and finding beauty in life among difficult circumstances, might draw a line towards those who plant flowers anywhere they need inspiration...including behind chain link fences.

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Barrie earned both his Bachelor's (1990) and Master's (2006) degrees in landscape architecture from the University of Georgia. His favorite plant is the oakleaf hydrangea.