Garden Roses

Rose gardening covers a spectrum ranging from the casual gardener to those who pursue perfection at ARS rose shows. The key to success across the spectrum is to find roses that fit your style. Casual or beginning gardeners may want to focus on disease resistant shrub roses, whereas an exhibitor specializing in shows will value form and substance above almost all.

My essential truths of rose gardening might be of help. The thoughts expressed in the essay are my truths. Yours may be different.

note: The red rose at the top of this page is Altissimo.

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Rose Photographs and Descriptions

  • Abraham Darby - David Austin rose (1985). Apricot. Strong fragrance.
  • Altissimo - Large-flowered climbing rose (1966). Crimson red, single form.
  • Belinda's Dream - Shrub rose (1988). Pink. Disease resistant.
  • Blaze - Climbing rose (Kallay, 1932). Red.
  • Buff Beauty - Hybrid musk (Bentall, 1939). Apricot. Lovely.
  • Carefree Beauty - Shrub rose (Buck, 1977). Pink. Disease resistant, winter hardy.
  • Comte de Chambord - Portland (prior 1858). Pink. Strong fragrance, winter hardy.
  • Crocus Rose - David Austin rose (2000). Apricot-White. Also known as Emanuel.
  • Dame de Coeur - Hybrid Tea rose (1958). Crimson red. Stunning. 'The Black Rose'
  • Darcey Bussell - David Austin English rose (2005). Red to purple-red.
  • Duchesse de Brabant - Tea rose (1857). Pink. Teddy Roosevelt's favorite rose.
  • Etoile de Lyon - Tea rose (1876). Light pink. Disease resistant, vigorous. 'Star of Lyon'.
  • Evelyn - David Austin Rose (1991). Apricot, huge flowers with excellent form and fragrance.
  • Francis Dubreuil - Tea rose (1894). Crimson red. Superb fragrance.
  • Fru Dagmar Hastrup - Hybrid Rugosa (1914). Pink. Extremely disease resistant. a.k.a. Frau Dagmar Hastrup.
  • Graham Thomas - David Austin rose (1983). Golden yellow. One of his most popular.
  • Hot Cocoa - Floribunda (2002). Smoldering red. Beauty makes it worth the trouble.
  • Koko Loko - Floribunda (2010). Light mauve.
  • Knock Out (all) - Introduction to Knock Out roses.
  • Knock Out (RADRAZZ) - Shrub rose (2000). Original Knock Out rose.
  • Livin' Easy - Floribunda rose (1992). Extremely disease resistant. Electric orange.
  • New Dawn - Climbing rose (1930). Shell pink to white. Still one of the greatest.
  • Paul Neyron - Hybrid Perpetual (1869). Pink. 'cabbage rose' has huge flowers.
  • Perle d'Or - Polyantha (1884). Apricot. Unusual color and form. Heat tolerant. Highly recommended.
  • Prolifera de Redouté - Centifolia (1824 estimate). Blush pink. Named for proliferation mutation.
  • Rosa gallica 'Complicata' - Hybrid Gallica (prior to 1800). Pink, single. One of the most beautiful single form roses.
  • Rosa gallica officinalis - apothecary's rose
  • Rosa palustris - Species. Pink, yellow stamens. Native to the eastern United States. Common name: swamp rose.
  • Rosa setigera - Species. Pink, single. Native to North America. common name: prairie rose.
  • Rosa roxburghii - Species rose. Pink. burr rose, chestnut rose.
  • Sharon's Delight - Shrub rose (1996). White, single. Poor disease resistance and poor winter hardiness.
  • Strike It Rich - Grandiflora (2005). Golden-yellow. Gorgeous rose. Worth the trouble.
  • 'The Alnwick Rose' - David Austin (2001). Clear pink buds open to medium pink.
  • 'The Fairy' rose - Polyantha (1932, introduced 1941). Pink, small, double. Bullet-proof.
  • Zephirine Drouhin - Bourbon climber (1868). Medium pink. Thornless. Needs spraying for blackspot.