Greater Atlanta Rose Society Annual Rose Show

The Greater Atlanta Rose Society held their annual rose show today. What is clear about rose shows is they are singularly focused upon the quality of the flower. I have grown garden roses off and on for a long time, and the quality of roses today was a revelation.

Welcome to the examination of form and beauty at the highest level in gardening.

greater atlanta rose society

Greater Atlanta Rose Society Annual Rose Show - May 2014.

Committed rose gardeners are a breed apart. The dedication required to grow beautiful roses is not for the faint of heart. Participants in rose shows ratchet the standards way up. Rose gardeners who exhibit at rose shows seem to chase perfection in bloom.

There is a category for small rose gardens and to qualify you need less than fifty rose shrubs in your garden. Less than fifty.

rose gardening

Grandiflora rose Twilite Zone.

The American Rose Society judges at this show had an exceedingly difficult job. The quality of the roses on display was uniformly sublime. I am sure in most cases decisions came down to a small matter of degrees.

Exhibiting in a rose show takes courage.

I try not to listen to other people's conversations, but it was impossible not to overhear discussions as participants waited for the ARS judges to return from their deliberations. The thing I heard most was nervousness from exhibitors about showing their roses (I would think merely transporting the roses from garden to the show would be grindingly nerve-wracking).

Every single time an exhibitor discussed their apprehension, I heard only kindness in response. I was deeply impressed by the supportive nature of all participants of the Greater Atlanta Rose Society's Annual Rose Show today.

ARS Rose Show

The theme  of  the Greater Atlanta Rose Society Annual Rose Show in 2014 was comics.

ars rose show

Some of my favorite arrangements were minimalist jewels.

Greater Atlanta Rose Society

One of my favorite displays at the Greater Atlanta Rose Society show was this cluster of Paul Ecke Jr.

This day is for the roses and the people who grow them. Well done Greater Atlanta Rose Society...your work today was inspiring.

The Greater Atlanta Rose Society typically holds their annual rose show on Mother's Day weekend. This year the rose show was at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. If you wish to participate or learn more, visit the Greater Atlanta Rose Society website.

Exhibitors at major rose shows demonstrate serious attention to detail.

Exhibitors at major rose shows show serious attention to detail.

Greater Atlanta Rose Society

Teasing Georgia climbing rose.

climbing rose don juan

Don Juan climbing rose. It was nice to see old favorites that many casual rose gardeners would recognize in such spectacular form.

Greater Atlanta Rose Society

Pope John Paull II rose.

Greater Atlanta Rose Society

Classes are competitive at an ARS rose show.

greater atlanta rose society

Cherry Parfait rose.

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